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Michigan State University - Associate Provost for Academic Services
Michigan State University

Academic Services: Request for Student Data

All data requests are subject to approval and compliance with FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and University Policy. Michigan State University does not release student names and addresses for commercial purposes. For the full University policy, see the Michigan State University Access to Student Information in the General Information, Policies, Procedures and Regulations section of Academic Programs.

To determine which office below (Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar) can provide you with the data you are seeking, please read through the brief descriptions below and select the appropriate data request board. If you are unsure, please submit your request using the Office of the Registrar data request board.

Office of Admissions (OA) Data

The Office of Admissions is responsible for data on students who have not yet matriculated at Michigan State University. This includes prospective student data, as well as data for students who have applied for admission, students who have been admitted to MSU, and/or students who have submitted their Advanced Enrollment Deposit to reserve their place at MSU. For more details or to submit a data request to the Office of Admissions, please visit the OA Data Request Board.


Specific questions about Office of Admissions data requests can be directed to Associate Director, Matt Basgall.

Office of Financial Aid (OFA) Data

The Office of Financial Aid at Michigan State University is responsible for student (and, sometimes, parent) data submitted as a part of the aid application process, as well as all data on student loans, scholarships, grants, and work-study programs.

Requesters are cautioned that not all MSU students complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and thus the data on file are not universal to the entire MSU population.

Most commonly requested information:
  • Household size and income segment
  • Marital status of parents
  • Whether student is first-generation in college
  • Student status - veteran, foster care youth, emancipated minor, student in legal guardianship
  • Cost of attendance based upon Registrar data, such as residency, major, and level (undergraduate, graduate, grad/professional)
  • Relative financial need - no need, low need, moderate need, high need
  • Awards
    • Pell Grant (federal program for neediest first-degree undergraduates)
    • College Work Study (often requested by employing departments)
    • Loan eligibility and total federal loan debt
    • Departmental, state, private scholarships
Aggregate data (non-student specific) may be requested for reporting purposes. Student-specific data is protected by FERPA and requires a release by the student before it will be supplied to any person outside the Office of Financial Aid.

All persons requesting data must show a legitimate "need-to-know" to receive information from OFA.


Specific questions about Office of Financial Aid data requests can be directed to Senior Associate Director, Marshall Rumsey.

Office of the Registrar (RO) Data

The Office of the Registrar at Michigan State University is responsible for all current student data included in the student's academic record.

Public information is made available at the Office of the Registrar website in the Enrollment and Term End Reports. If the data you are seeking are not found within the reports, a data request can be submitted for the additional information. Please complete the Data Request Form.

Most commonly requested information:
  • Student contact information such as email address, local address, phone number, etc.
  • Academic information related to students such as majors, enrollments within colleges/departments, organization membership information, etc.
  • Data related to various academic units such as courses, majors, departments, etc.

Specific questions about Office of the Registrar data requests can be directed to Associate Registrar Traci Gulick.

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